We support e-mobility technologies, which are becoming more and more important in our lives, with the solutions of world-leading companies in their fields, bring together our long years of electronic experience with the rapidly developing automotive sector of our country, and contribute to the development of our country and the future of our world.

AI & Cloud


We design in the fields of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, which have made dizzying progress thanks to today's advanced processor and communication technologies, and share them with our customers, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation and innovation processes and make a difference in their own sectors.



We are working on bringing the critical technologies necessary for the realization of domestic and national defense industry projects to our country and supplying sub-components to companies operating in this field.




In CitrusGlow Electronics portfolio, you can find solutions for all of today's lighting technologies. For the solutions you may need in your projects, you can meet with our experienced product group responsible engineers for your product selections of LED chips, indoor and outdoor LED drivers, optical and cable connection equipment, and you can get one-to-one support.




We closely follow power electronics technologies and facilitate the change processes for the growing power electronics market. We are working with our leading manufacturers and new generation technologies to provide the different perspective that the power electronics market needs. 

loT & Sensors


In your Internet of Things (IoT) projects, we are able to provide you with end-to-end solutions with our leading manufacturers and specialized teams in IoT, which can meet many different market requirements.

CitrusGlow Electronics make an advantageous impact to the effective use of resources while creating distinctive customer-focused solutions owing to our corporate culture, which is based on solid foundations. We enable effective evaluation of the opportunities of our interdependent and interconnected world with our solutions that address all social dynamics.


We design and produce first-class electronic, software and embedded system solutions, and meet even the most demanding customer requirements. 


In addition, we also provide electronic components for customers. We maintain good relationships with electronic component distributors based in the United States at our headquarters and are enthusiastic about sourcing discontinued and rare electronic component models for our customers.


As a result, our portfolio now includes distinctive products. Crucially, we have gained key competencies in various and complementary issues. This gives us the benefit of finding solutions that are unavailable to our rivals. By gathering and digesting this extensive information, we hope to concentrate on adding value for each and every one of our clients.